Joan Miró (anglès)



Have you ever wondered who Joan Miró was? In this book, the Inquisitive Prince and his friends the Learned Elder, Teresa and Flutist will help you find out in a fun way, with songs, rhymes, descriptions and curious facts.
You will learn a lot about one of the greatest surrealist artists: where he was born, what he studied, when he decided to become a painter, etc. You will also get an overview of his work, and see the colours, the shapes and the artistic concepts he used.
It also includes a glossary and references to other books on art published in English, Spanish and Catalan.



Title: Joan Miró
Authors: Irene Verdú, Maria Martínez and Noèlia Conca
Translation: Jorge Salavert
Collection: The Inquisitive Prince, 3
Language: English
First edition: May 2017
Pages: 34
Format: 21 x 21 cm
Binding: Rustic 
PVP: 8,90 €
ISBN: 978-84-946810-2-8

Readers opinion

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Irene Verdú

When she grows up,
Irene wants to become a minstrel
So she can make up stories
And tell every girl and boy
Who is willing to listen….


Maria Martínez

Maria is a dreamer
Who likes to think
That everyone is unique
And, above all, special.
She wants to show little girls and boys
A world where
Dragons kiss
And princesses are not naïve.


Noèlia Conca

With Learned Elder´s magic,
Colours and imagination,
Noèlia Conca
Draws words for everyon